It began as a curiosity; a simple observation that technology often failed people.

Being a former student of the humanities, I was attuned to the social; I understood that the right environment could promote humanity and social justice; and began to see technology as a way to create a better world.

In my work, I integrate the social with technology. This is an integration of: design and art; research; business and marketing; and the social sciences.

In my first Quaker meeting, a young girl said, I often forget that we are all connected. The best work in design and technology always identifies the connections...to make a thing that was not there before is good work and a big responsibility, and aligning what is created to the interconnectedness of society and organizations results in technology that is engaging, purposeful, beautiful and profitable.

When not thinking about technology and society, I am reading and writing; cooking something complex; learning something new; or exploring new things with my family.